Should Gun Laws Be Allowed On College Campuses?

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Gun laws are constantly changing rapidly, but the latest issue concerning them is whether or not legislation should allow guns on college and university campuses. Throughout the last couple of years, guns have become a strong topic all over the United States, because they are coming into the possession of the wrong people. Many students and some teachers feel strongly about this topic, many are concerned about issues it may cause. But, some do not consider how unsafe this world is, and bringing guns to campuses isn’t going to make it easier or harder for people to attain them. Firearms should be prohibited based on the crime rates at college campuses, the fact the police take ample amounts of time to arrive on scenes, many students cannot defend themselves in certain situations, and the second amendment states that anyone over the age of 18 has the right to bear arms.
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In fact, it is clearly states in the United States Constitution that anyone has the right to bear arms, so why aren’t students that are in college allowed to.. College students are young adults, that are still finding themselves and often put themselves in dangerous situations. Some might say that putting a gun into a college student's hands would be a terrible idea, but wouldn’t that make them feel more responsible and safe, and that alone would most definitely decrease crime rates on campuses.
There are lots of reasons that guns should be permitted on college campuses, but there are also a lot of reasons that they shouldn’t be. Most definitely guns come into the wrong hands everyday, and bad things usually happen when they do. It is not unheard of for there the be a campus shooting, where sometimes more than one person is killed. Guns on college campuses would allow easier access for guns to people who shouldn’t have

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