Should Guns Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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On August 1, 1966, Charles Whitman, a former marine, began sniping students, professors, and police at the University of Texas at Austin from the clock tower. He killed sixteen people and wounded thirty two others. Whitman had to be shot unexpectedly in order to stop this mass shooting. In The New York Times, Manny Fernandez and Dave Montgomery wrote about Texas lawmakers passing a bill that allows guns at college campuses. Texas lawmakers should not have passed a bill, allowing guns at colleges, because it compromises the safety and well-being of all people on campus grounds.
The bill will be signed by the Republican Governor, Greg Abbott. Students and staff that are twenty-one years and older will be able to carry concealed guns around a
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Regardless, if Marie is carrying a gun to protect herself along with the required age, twenty-one and over, and her weapon is concealed, her reflexes have to be quick in order not to get shot. According to Admiral McRaven in the article “Texas Lawmakers Pass a Bill Allowing Guns at Colleges” he states, “I am a guy that loves my guns. I have all sorts of guns. I just do not think bringing guns on campus is going to make us any safer. If you have ever been shot at, which I have, then you have an appreciation for what a gun can do.” Another example of a people not handling guns properly would be when Rick Brown, Southern Utah University’s police chief, was notified by a teacher that a loaded clip had fallen out of a student’s backpack. Students, staff, professors, etc. may be in danger whenever someone carries a gun near them. A person with a mental illness can be dangerous to others. Everybody seems normal and sane until he pulls out a gun to threaten or shoot others. In the article “Texas Lawmakers Pass a Bill Allowing Guns at Colleges” it states that professors worry when they intend to have a word with a student that is not passing the class and that student is carrying a concealed
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