Should Guns Be Banned Essay

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The most recent school shooting has everyone questioning whether guns should be banned or whether we should keep guns in the United States. Most gun owners have guns for protection and to protect their family and themselves. It's weird that only this shooting that happened in florida is being taken seriously but no one took the other school shootings as serious as this one. No one took into consideration that there has been many other shootings and just because only a few kids died so therefor it doesn't matter because only a few kids died. There is many other solutions to stop school shootings and banning guns is not going be the solution. Guns are not even the main reason people are dying. Legal gun ownership should not be banned for these…show more content…
People who are against guns say that guns are one of the many reasons why we have so many suicides and homicides. Not all people commit Suicide by shooting themselves most people nowadays are killing themselves by overdosing and hanging themselves not by shooting there self in the head. There are many other ways for someone to commit suicide. One of the biggest arguments on why people think guns should be banned is because of the school shooting in florida. So therefor people believe banning guns will solve the problem of school shootings. Yes the shootings are awful but there are many other solution to stop school shootings like having more officers and locking the doors 24/7. The United states has had a lot of homi cides and yes many of them have been done with guns but that doesn't mean all of them were done with guns. There was around 11,500 homicides done with guns in 2006 and the rates are all over the place nowadays but out of the millions of people in this world that is not that many of people yes it's really say that they had to die like that but there is really not that many people. Most people are either all about banning guns or dont want them banned but everyone has their own opinions and can express them in their own
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