Should Guns Be Kept In The Years

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Imagine the future, boom, sounds of guns exploding everywhere. Don’t have anyone to trust. This could be the future of America because of the law. Guns are becoming more popular to buy and people are using guns for cruel things. The government is debating about guns and if the age range should go higher or lower. This can change America's future by a lot, not in a good way like how caterpillars change into butterflies. Guns should be held by people with experience like police officers or the military and guns should be held by adults at least in their 30’s because, kids and new adults can do crazy things, people can use guns for harmful activities, and a mass shooting occurs because of legal gun selling. First, when kids, young or new adults have guns, they can do crazy things. On the other hand, older people are wiser and lived through life and know what can happen. They have…show more content…
Guns are becoming more dangerous. To add on, more accidents are happening in younger peoples’ hands. Framers made the second amendment during wartime. It states people are allowed to be armed to protect themselves. On the contrary, America is not in wartime anymore. People don’t need guns to protect themselves. Therefore, it should become law that only police and military soldiers should hold guns. This creates a safer environment for people. Furthermore, kids (at the age of 9-10) should be taught about guns. They can learn about the pros and cons. As a result, this can teach kids about the world and make their own decision about the topic. Finally, it should become law that ONLY people in the military or the police who are over 30 years of age, will have the access to hold and own
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