Should Health Care Be Uninsured?

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Insurance can be a financial burden upon many people, rich and poor. What happens is, uninsured people are less likely to receive health care and more likely to have bad healthcare. Health care has a very big controversy which gives stats such as "50 million people living within the United States lack health insurance or are inadequately covered." Putting their security at risk. Healthcare is something all Americans should claim and have the right too have. In 2005, "45 million American lacked health insurance." Which is because most insurance is provided through a person 's job, or hospital. One third of America 's young adults are uninsured. Many people can buy private insurance, but many also cannot because of already existing medical concerns and many costs. Universal Systems would work well because it guarentees that everyone gains health care, regardless of past, given them yearly checkups and pretentative care, meaning they wouldn 't have to wait until it 's "too late" in order to get medical care. In order for the Universal System to work the US would have to study how 32 other countries have effectively implemented…show more content…
Government management disagrees because how could we pay for the people that would get free health insurance, and don 't work. Sure they deserve it, but if it comes out of everyones tax pay, whats the cost. Free healthcare is what everyone works for. If it becomes free for everybody, then people would become jobless, which leads to high unemployment rates, and a decrease in salaries for doctors, which leads to fewer professionals.. The government is just not ready to pay major amounts of money for people to get healthcare they 'll use once every year or whenever there 's an emergency. They are scared of a decrease in care. With stats such as, "50 million people living in the United States lack health insurance," proves that we should find a way to help include them, and save them from last minute trips to the hospital. Even checkups

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