Should High School Athletes Be Allowed To Play Sports Essay

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Colin Powell once said,”A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” These are important because one should work hard to get what they want. High school athletes should have to keep a certain GPA in order to play sports. This will help them balance and prioritize their schedules, motivate them to keep their grades up, and remind them of their priorities at school.

If athletes learn to properly proportion their schedules, then they’ll know how much time they need to get their homework done and will be aware of how much time they have for sports. This will allow them to get out of practice early, if needed. It will also give them enough time to get their work done, which will help them keep up in both school and sports. That way, they can do what they love and have able grades along with it.

Furthermore, having to keep a certain GPA will inspire athletes to keep their
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Jennifer Gennrich always says,”School comes first.” This means that before doing any extracurricular activities, including sports, getting homework done is number one. So in order to play sports, pupils will have to keep their grades up and turn their homework in. In general, it will keep adolescents up on their homework, which increases their grade. And students can finally realize how important it is to keep up in class.

So overall, keeping a certain GPA for sports is important. It teaches student athletes to prioritize certain activities so they keep up, and it motivates them to keep their homework in, which will keep their grades up. Also, it helps them balance their schedules. If we use this method in schools, it will keep athletes on track with assignments. This will motivate them to do their homework, give them a reason to study, and therefore keep their grades up. This can help players do better in
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