Should High School Students Get Paid For Good Grades Essay

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Many people debate about paying students for achieving a certain standard. Whether it’s about athletics, academics, or arts, both sides present good points. Academics are a very important part of students’ lives. While there are some good reasons for high schools paying students for achieving good grades, high school students should not be paid for getting high marks because it would be a poor and inconsistent incentive, plus the monetary reward would simply create even more stress for students. Students should be motivated by rewards other than money. In the future, grades are not the most important standard. In fact, for most adults, the objective of their occupation is not to earn good grades. Also, getting paid for good grades would make students less likely to do volunteer work because they would be so accustomed to being rewarded with money after doing something well. More importantly, students will lose focus on the fact that education and experience, not money, is their…show more content…
Additional pressure is harmful for students’ health. First of all, students may feel forced to stay up later to study more. Second of all, stress has been shown to be unhealthy for people of all ages. The increased focus on studies also leaves students with less time to pursue extracurricular activities. While academics are important, students should spend time playing sports, socializing, doing chores, etc. In addition, most schools only have the budget to pay the best students, so competition between classmates would increase. Overall, the stress added by offering monetary awards is not beneficial. In conclusion, high schools should not pay their students for receiving good grades. Money is not always the best incentive for achievement, especially because it often builds stress and greed. Students should be enjoying their school experience, not worrying about making
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