Should High School Students Go To School Later Essay

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I feel as if High school students should go to school later, but continue to get out before or at 2:00. I choose this because most High School students have practice, jobs, and homework. Teenagers bodies do not function until typically after first period and or during first period. Students would have more accurate and better attendance and grades. High School students would develop in class information better if school started at a later time.

High school students who have practice for athletic purposes and or club purposes typically get home before or after 6:00 on normal school days. If we were to hold students later from school then they would be getting home at 9 - 10:00pm. This gives students no time to shower, eat, and do homework or study. Athletes would be getting some to no sleep every night. Their grades could be dropping causing them to be placed out a game or being put off the team.
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Many teens argue with waking up early, and going to school. With schools opening later this will improve those individuals who continue to be late and absent. Teens who are failing their grades will begin to rise. Teachers would see improvement in attitudes among teenagers. Teen depression begins to decrease. The main subjects are more understanding for teens when it is later in the day.

I feel as if starting school between 8:45 and 9:00 will help teens tremendously for educational purposes. Science has shown students improve academically and physically when school starts later. With school starting later I feel students should continue to get out of school at 2:00 to 2:00 for job, sports, clubs, and homework. Athletes would be getting no sleep due to jobs and homework if we started school at 9:00 and got out at 4:00. Grades would begin to drop and family problems would begin to increase. Developing main subject would be more powering for students if they started
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