Should High School Students Pass For College Classes Essay

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Should high school students receive a pass for college classes because they are dual-enrolled? High school students should not receive a pass because of their afterschool schedules, their grades in the college class, or the class load they have. The students are the ones who signed up for the class so they should bear the consequences that come forth with it. I have taken five college classes, and they have all been a different experience from one another. You will learn the ways of different college professors, and it will actually prepare you actually college classes beyond dual enrollment. If you are taking a college class, you should be treated as if you are on the campus just as any other college student. High school students may have a busy schedule after school, but that does not give them a reason to receive a pass. These extracurricular activities include practices, sports, clubs, jobs, and etc. You knew you what your schedule contained beforehand. If your schedule was busy, why did you sign up for a college class? Nobody says you must take a college class, but some students…show more content…
The college professors understand that the students have other work to do, but that does not give them reason to give the students a pass. The professors are looking at the positive outcome of the dual-enrollment. Dual-enrollment will prepare you for college, life, and determination at the end of the road. Yes, the teacher may seem hard at the moment, but it is only to prepare you for the future obstacles to come your way. A pass for high school students participating in dual-enrollment should not be wanted in the school system. Receiving a pass because the students are in high school is a way of saying they are weak-minded. The students do not want to be labeled as weak minded. Therefore, the students need to step their game up and show others they know how to overcome
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