Should High-Security Prisons Be Punished?

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A 12-year-old boy and his 10-year-old sister were sentenced to 40 years in an adult high-security prison, for convicting a murder. To someone who doesn’t look at the age of these kids 18 years does not even seem long enough for murdering someone, but when you think about a child who just started middle school and is going to be in a jail with older criminals who have been committing crimes there whole life they are put in a traumatizing event that will have high consequences in the future. Like many children, these kids have problems with themselves or in their life that they couldn’t get help. While committing the crime the kids probably didn’t even realize what they were doing or what the consequences could be. These kids like are other kids who are put into high-security prison have no chance of fixing their life once they get out and are 45 times more likely to become super predators and commit worse crimes in the future. If this boy and his sister would have been put into a juvenile detention center they could have been punished in a way appropriate for their age and gotten the help they need to be able to fix their lives. Kids under a certain age (it varies in different states) are meant to go to juvenile detention centers or have community service hours as a punishment for committing crimes which is a good punishment for their age. When kids get tried as adults, they do not get punished correctly for their age and they will have to carry it on their record for the rest of their lives. Going to federal prison as a child has many effects on their mental health and even worsen mental illnesses the child already had. Kids going to federal…show more content…
Children 's court was made for children criminals to give them a punishment appropriate for their age because kids are very different from adults. The kids being tried as adults either committed really bad crimes like murder and armed
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