Essay On Should The Holocaust Be Taught To 8th Graders

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Should the Holocaust be taught to 8th graders? January 30, 1933 was a disastrous time in history. A time where millions of innocent human beings were tortured and murdered largely known as the Holocaust. Many people view this as an accident, but the fact is it isn’t. The Holocaust was a genocidal event where Adolf Hitler tortured and persecuted millions of Jews just for their religion. Hitler sent Jews to concentration camps for labor in which many people like Kitty Hart-Moxon were also there. He made them work and when he felt like they weren’t useful anymore, they would be sent to die in gas chambers while being told they were going to be “taking a shower”. Living conditions in concentration camps were horrible with many …show more content…

By learning about the Holocaust, students start to understand the sensitivity of the topic and also understand that Hitler’s actions not only affected the Jews and Germany, but the whole world as well. Students are able to realize that the Holocaust wasn’t an accident; it occurred because people, governments, and organizations made this decision based on racism and prejudice. This helps establish critical thinking skills where they can make more responsible decisions and force intellectual self improvement. These skills are needed as they grow up and go to high school or college. Moreover, by learning the Holocaust, students acquire many beneficial learning skills that they can use in the future. At the 8th grade level, students are at a sensible and mature level to learn about the Holocaust. They are able to understand past the basic part of this terrifying event and process the depth of the Holocaust. Students engage in self-reflection and reflect on current-day problems we face, including bullying, racism, prejudice, and hatred. They also learn how to challenge preconceptions and stereotypes to create a complex relationship between both. Moreover, the Holocaust is beneficial for understanding that students are the future and without them understanding it, history could repeat

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