Should Homework Be Abolished?

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There are many students and parents who believe that homework should be abolished; but that’s not the majority, they are just the ones who get most of the attention. The kids complain of having too much homework, or they don’t understand it, or that they don’t have anyone to help them with it. The parents complain that their kids don’t have enough time for other activities because of so much homework, or that they can’t help their children because they have work their own homework to do their jobs. But the truth is, homework is important in many ways. It helps students develop good study habits, it teaches them to work independently, and it helps them to prepare for tests, and perform better academically. That’s why I believe that homework should not be abolished, but continue doing homework so that it can help students be the best they can be.

Homework can help students develop good study habits. Even teachers say homework is important in the learning process and can help kids develop study and organizational skills. They say kids need to practice what they 've learned in school, so that the material sticks in their brain. The more they study at home, the more they will remember it and understand it when they get to school. Teachers help students develop their study habits, too, by teaching them how to take notes in the classroom, and sometimes giving them flashcards to go over before a quiz or test. This is one of the ways they help students get their good study habits,
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