Should Homework Be Banned Essay

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Everyone knows the phrase, “kick them while they are down.” Well, that’s exactly what homework does. After an exhausting day of school, hard-working students feel very tired when they arrive home. However, homework prevents students from getting their much needed rest and makes them feel even more weary. Yes, a few studies have shown that homework has led to a slight increase in grades. But does that small increase in grades worth making students suffer everyday after school? Everyone who supports giving homework likes to see these helpless students in agony. Schools must prohibit homework because it has little to no benefits on students, it has negative health effects, and it prevents students from doing extra curricular activities. Homework has little to no benefits on students. In the article, ¨Down with Homework!¨ the author believes that homework does not have any benefits on children that many people think it does. In the article, “Down with…show more content…
Homework causes stress and tension in students’ houses. In “Down with Homework!” written by Alfie Kohn it says, “The demands of homework disrupted family relationships and led to daily stress and conflict.”(2) In some cases, stress may lead to death. Therefore, homework must be removed because it can lead to death. Do people want these poor students deaths on their hands? Many argue that homework positively affects students because it helps students with skills needed later in life so it seems. Dorothy Rich wrote, “It takes effort and perseverance to complete the work… these skills for later life include problem solving and critical thinking, organization, self-discipline, personal motivation.”(Putting More Home in Homework 1) However, in the article, Down with Homework! it says, “Piles of homework in themselves offer no guarantee that children are learning the lessons necessary for success as adults.” (Dorothy Rich 1) If homework does not
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