Should Homework Be Reduced Research Paper

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Homework is an increasing problem. Do you have busy plans after school? Do you have a job or extracurricular activities to attend to? Typically, students have seven classes a day, each class may average two to three papers of homework a day. In my personal experience, having softball practice or games everyday causes a lot of stress to complete homework assignments by the time they are due. Returning home late after a game with a ton of homework to complete becomes a stressful task to do. Teachers should be limited to the amount of homework they give to students.

Homework must be reduced. Students on average have two to three hours of homework to complete after school on top of sports and possibly a job. High school athletes may have a far away game and may not return home until late that night. When they finally make it home they are overwhelmed with being physically and emotionally and mentally exhausted. Students are under the pressure of getting a job at a young age to help pay for family needs. They may work on average twenty hours a week or more. Then they have to come home and finish three hours of homework by the next day. Students should not have to be overwhelmed and stressed by the mention of the concept of homework.

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If the excessive amount of homework is not reduced to the thirty minute limit, students physical and mental well-being will be affected; due to the large amount of pressure of stress and less physical activity. If the thirty minute assignment is carried out, students will feel relieved from stress and can participate in life changing activities, such as sports, school clubs, and may apply to get a part time job. With more free time after school, students can be in more desirable
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