Should Humankind Introduce Artificial Intelligence To Society Essay

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Should humankind introduce Artificial Intelligence to society? Introduction Human beings always tend to develop and enhance their quality of life throughout history. They invented various tools, starting with a simple wheel and ending with super computers. However, the ordinary computers could not satisfy the requirements of modern society. This led to the birth of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is a program that provides the machines an ability to operate similar to human beings (Dobrev 2004, 2). The primary aim of AI is to help people to make their lives easier and better in all aspects. If AI is so helpful, the main question of AI’s totally integration appears immediately. Therefore, the main purpose of this project to determine the possible application of AI. In this project the both positive and negative sides of AI and its probability of being totally integrated in the infrastructure of the modern society will be examined. Furthermore, today’s usage of AI will be discussed with some existing examples. Current usage of AI.…show more content…
The perspective of AI in terms of future development is unbelievably huge. Its field of usage and multifunctionness is almost limitless, which give it an enormous superiority among the ordinary human’s ability. There are several positive sides of AI, which can be the main reasons for AI’s total integration. The first possible advantage of AI is as Kaj (2012, 2) states, artificial intelligence can be upgraded by changing its hardware to a more powerful one, while biological humans cannot simply upgrade their brains. This may lead to the limitless development of digital brains and, furthermore, their evolution. Such consequences are highly favorable for human beings due to the fact that this also can lead to the simultaneous evolution of humankind. But, as Omohundro (2008, p 6) mentioned, the main problem is that Self-improving systems do not yet exist in our world.

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