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What is entrepreneurship? Should I Be An Entrepreneur? I always have these questions on my mind. After this Self-assessment Questionnaire, I become more aware my personal attributes and preferred ways of behaving to increase their understanding of the characteristics that indicate entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial behaviour. Over these last couple of weeks I have read a lot of chapters from our class lecture materials. Some of the concepts and ideas that I read about let me know about entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship is the process by which individuals pursue opportunities without regard to resources they currently control. Entrepreneurship is the art of turning an idea into a business. Is so fresh on me. So the next question is “Am I entrepreneurial”?…show more content…
If I need become an Entrepreneur. Entreneur should have Four Primary Characteristics: Passion for my business, Very focus on my customer or product, tenacity despite failure, and execution intelligence.
So, can I become an Entrepreneur?
Follow the Self-assessment Questionnaire, I know my personal attributes to behave in an entrepreneurial way. Should I being self- employed? Start-up a business or social entreneur? It is also intended to help me to develop an appreciation of what constitutes entrepreneurial behaviour.

In the Result of Part 1, my total score is 23, indicates I am a Low level of self-evaluation as entrepreneurial.

As my total score of Part 1, I got 17 score on list A questions and just 2 score on list B questions, and I have 4 questions score at
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It’s me. I sure I should choose to act as innovators and change agents within organisations rather than setting-up own business alone. I hope I can lookout for employers who have an entrepreneurial organisational culture too. I really hope my company can value individual initiative and provide genuine autonomy.

For the Part 3.2 of the Self-assessment Questionnaire, My preference is for working in a socially orientated environment. I think that is my prefer result. I would like work to deliver social value though my design works. I am happy with this choice.

After this Self-assessment Questionnaire, I know the important Personal Characteristics of the Entrepreneur are Prior Experience, Cognitive Factors, Social Networks and Creativity. These Characteristics that tend to make some people better at recognizing opportunities.

I try to match those Characteristics of the Entrepreneur with myself. See which I have and which I can develop. For Prior Industry Experience, I have 10 years from design industry Experience to help me recognize business opportunities and also builds a network of social contacts.
But I don’t have a strength “sixth sense” to see opportunities that others

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