Should I Follow My Dream Essay

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Should I follow my dreams, or go according to my parents’ dreams for me? This question always confuses me about my future job. We can never deny our parents’ decision and break their heart. But there is always one more thing going on in the secret part our mind, what if I chose my dreams instead of my parents’ dreams. I strongly agree that the parents always want the best for their children, but if kids are not interested in what their parents’ want them to do then the child will never be happy or involved in that decision, it will be always a burden on the child.

Everyone has that one hobby which they are madly passionate about. Choose that passion as your career, because if you are doing what you really want, then the results of that job
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My parents want me to be a doctor because this job is most successful and respected. In the job of a doctor, learning never ends, because diseases are never stable. New diseases and new solutions are an everyday thing. And I am not a kind of person who wants to learn forever, I’m a person who loves finding new cultures, and places around the world, who always want to travel. Yes, I love learning, not about new diseases or it’s treatment, but from life and my mistakes. And when you want to learn from nature, then you don’t need to worry about anything because it all goes in a loop, one thing leads to another, so your one mistake leads to another and teaches you something really useful in…show more content…
One thing that every Indian parents ' have said to their kids more than thousand times in their life is that “I don’t want you to become like me, all I want is that if I couldn’t be anything in my life at least should become successful in your life”. No, it doesn’t end here, it is a whole monologue that goes forever. This is emotional blackmail, Indian parents biggest weapon. If any kid is able to fight back this weapon, then the kid is free to do whatever he/she want to. Mostly it 's hard for kids to fight back because nobody can see their parents

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