Should Illegal Aliens Stay In America

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Illegal immigration has raised the question: should illegal aliens stay in America? By letting them stay, they pose as a potential threat of copious issues. Some Americans postulate that everyone deserves a chance at a better life, and then there are some Americans that do not desire foreign invaders inside their home country. The issue is that many immigrants are drawn to America like a magnet because of the American dream. The conception of this is to live a vibrant and prosperous life, by hard work and dedication. Except, some immigrants are unlicensed citizens. Immigration itself is not faulty, it’s when immigrants don’t abide by the Government’s rules to be an abiding citizen. This is dividing America; however, it doesn't have to be this…show more content…
First, it would affect how other countries around the world perceive America. They would discern it as a hypocritical country that doesn’t support its own dream. The American dream would not exist in the way as everyone views it now because the unlawful aliens would not get a chance to live a better life. It could even slow the immigration of people who would want to be actual American citizens. The U.S. would not be the “melting pot” it has been referred to as in the past. Also, there would be a great division of opinions of whether or not deportation is inhumane and unfair (Carr, Ann). These are great arguments, and it might be inhumane and unfair to the illegal immigrants who decided they were going to not abide by the Constitution to become a citizen and live lawfully, but it’s not right to have every citizen pay taxes, while these unwarranted aliens get to live under the law off of free healthcare. Other countries would soon begin to realize how resplendent America truly is because they stand behind their rules, and deport those who aren’t going to follow the law. This would increase patriotism in American citizens, and therefore bring back the truth about America: that it is great. Illegal immigration should be strongly halted by the Government, by eradicating unwarranted aliens who pose a threat to the American dream, and all that America stands
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