Should Illegal Immigrants Be Allowed To Stay Essay

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Illegal Immigrants live their everyday life in a way that seems normal, but inside they’re terrified, as they are not sure if their lives are going to be the same tomorrow. They might lose their jobs, their house, and even have to leave their families. Hundreds of illegal immigrants are being deported everyday. Most don’t have an option, and many people don’t think about whether it is important or not. But as a matter of fact it’s so important, it may even affect everyday life around us. There has been a lot of controversy whether immigrants should stay in the United States or not. Illegal Immigrants should be allowed to stay, because they’re helpful to the U.S., and not many immigrants commit crimes like people believe, and most hope for a better life. Illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay, as they are helpful to our…show more content…
That Illegal immigrants are criminals that should be stopped and not be allowed to enter at all. That they shouldn't be here and never come back to america. But I, along with the 11 million illegal immigrants in America, disagree and think that they should be allowed to stay. If immigrants were to leave the US, it would affect my personal life. As an illegal immigrant I believe I should have a choice whether I want to stay in the country I consider my own, been raised in the US, I don’t even remember my native country. Living with illegal immigrants all my life and seeing how hard they work daily so their families can be living, makes me question my own existence. Whether people think about the fact that if we were just to leave, if they would even care. We mean no harm and the hate has got to stop. All illegal immigrant wish for is to stay in the united states and be welcomed. America is a country of freedom and opportunity. Anyone should feel safe and welcome in such a wonderful
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