Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported

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I think that the children of illegal immigrants should be deported. It will not be fair for people who actually try to get into the country legally.A reason I have for this is that many people are getting into our country illegally and it is unfair. Millions of people are trying to get into the country legally and they’re just waiting to get in.Wouldn’t you feel bad for getting into the country illegally when other people are actually doing the right thing to get into the country. It’s like winning a trophy that you don’t deserve. you feel good for getting it but you also don’t feel as good as you did when you got it because you know that you didn’t work hard to get it. That is one reason on why I feel that it is unfair for illegal immigrants to get into the country.…show more content…
It may be good for the kids to be back in their home town. They may also be able to see their families again and do all the things that they used to do when they were at home in their country. If the children of illegal immigrants go back home they may not have to be in jail anymore and live your life. Even though some of the children will still be in juvie or jail hopefully they will realize that they got themselves in that position . I can argue that deporting them will make the people who got deported angry and they will try to use violence to get into our country once
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