Should Illegal Immigrants Be Illegal Essay

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In today’s world, Illegal aliens are coming over from Mexico or Canada and depriving U.S citizens occupation from hard working America’s and we must not allow illegal immigrants to continue doing this and we must stand up for our nation. The American people deserve a better opportunity for themselves and their families regardless of them recommence and shouldn’t be offered to illegal immigrants America business is being taking over by immigrants because they will work for less money destroying hard working Americans their jobs. There had been research done at the Pew Hispanic Center that 8.5 million jobs were encountered by alien workers. The highest rates were California and Texas combining a total of 3.2 million (Illegal Aliens). Illegal Immigrants come to America to have a better opportunity for their family and better job opportunities. U.S. employers will hire illegal immigrants to a lower pay then they would have to pay a legal citizen, this employment is illegal under a law in 1986. Some companies will accept fake employment documents and hire illegal workers because there is no requirement on presenting evidence on…show more content…
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