Should Illegal Immigrants Get Driver's License

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Should we give illegal immigrants drivers licenses? Would that make the roads safer? Will it divide us? There is a debate going on whether to give illegal immigrant's driver's licenses. Like most debates there are two sides, weather give them one or to not. Today we are supporting the idea of giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Using this essay we will try to get you to agree with what I have to say. Imagine the steers filled drivers who don't have their driver's license. Do you feel safe walking, driving or even being around that area? Unfortunately illegal immigrants are not able to get their driver's license officially, consequently they don't get the proper education about the rules of the road. A vast majority of illegal immigrants need to drive so that…show more content…
The driver behind you accidentally hits your car. You pull over to check what damage was done and to sort things out but the driver that hit you drove off. You are annoyed and mad because now you are going to have to pay for the repairs. Little did you know that the driver that hit you was an illegal immigrant that could not get driver insurance because they don't have a license to the money to pay for the repairs. They had to decide whether to pay for your repair or to feed their family waiting at home. Giving illegal immigrants a driver's license will allow them to get insurance meaning their initiative to drive off will reduce. An ID makes a person feel like there are officially part of a society. Instead of making people that come to our country for a better living feel like they are unwanted. Yes they did break the law coming into a country undocumented, but they are human beings looking for a better future. They what to be a functionally working part of society but it is hard for them to do so without a form id identification. Just offering that to illegal immigrants we will become untied instead of constantly putting a line in between each
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