Should Immigrant Children Stay In The Us Essay

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Should Immigrant Children be Allowed to Stay in the U.S? Although, some people think that immigrant children should stay in the United States of America I disagree with this because they are causing trouble in the USA. In their old countries they would think that it 's fine to steal or cause trouble, but in the USA there are laws that prohibit this type of things. Another reason is that the U.S borders are watching the boards close enough to see if letting these kids into the USA is ok. Also some of these kids that are crossing the border on their journey here some die or have really bad injuries because of this they should just stay back. In conclusion, this is why I think that Immigrant children should stay in their countries. Are Stronger Borders Needed?…show more content…
If our border was strong enough these immigrant children that are causing trouble would not be in our country. According to some coyotes ( Criminals who make their living off of smuggling people ) Said that “ the U.S border was easy to cross It brings in more business for them”. Our border petrols should be able to choose who can and who can 't cross the border. Clearly as you can see our borders are not strong enough. Causing Trouble These children coming from a completely different country don 't really know many of the laws in the U.S. In fact, some of these kids were in gangs and would steal in their old countries. How would we know if they are not kids running away from home? I know there are theses bad things but what if they are coming to the U.S to get a better life? I mean I know some of these kids are having a tough life, but how is coming to the U.S gonna help you can 't get a job at 9 and what if you get into some trouble and get sent
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