Should Immigrants Be Allowed Immigrants Come To America

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of immigrants, from around the world come into the United States. These immigrants come to America for better life, some immigrants are refugees, escaping persecution and civil wars in their home country. Many immigrants believe that United States is the best place to go. I think allowing Immigrates to United States can benefit America because allowing Immigrates to come to America would have an increase on Economy and illegal immigrants already pay taxes and America is the country of immigrants. I think Immigrants should be allowed to come to America because allowing immigrants to come to America would have an increased on economy. If there are people that are willing to work for money like these immigrants than American government won’t have to ask other country for stuff to be made, it can be all made in America that way we will save money and it would impact the economy in a positive direction. The immigrants can be worked at minimum wage at any low skilled work that American’s would not want to work. “Immigration will…show more content…
“At the states and local level alone, Undocumented immigrants nationwide collectively pay an estimated $11.64 Billion each year in taxes, according to a recent report by the institute on taxation and economic policy. …. Many undocumented immigrants also pay state income taxes.” The Immigrants are coming to live in America for a better life, but they aren’t just coming here to live for free they are paying taxes. so why can’t they stay in America to live there dream to do something in life? Immigrants from all over have helped the states and other countries become much better, for their own good and their future. They are not here to take over, just to secure themselves and their families. Just because they are here from a different country doesn’t mean they don’t pay taxes. You work, you pay taxes like no
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