The Importance Of Immigrants In Italy

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A recent article by “Il Corriere della Sera” stated that the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa saw the arrival of over 40,000 migrants from Tunisia and Libya, all seeking refuge for a better life in Europe. Although the majority of the Italian population believe that immigration affects the Italian economy, the level of delinquency rises given the lack of immigrants’ work, and the country undergoes political conflicts, I strongly believe that immigrants should be legally allowed in Italy since they are victims of political persecution, the country would have a cultural enrichment, and there would be labour for many areas where there is shortage, improving the Italian economy. There are many reasons that incentivize immigrants to abandon their native country, like the desire to improve their lives and the lives of their family, the desire for freedom, the ambition of being able to do something more, and most of all to escape from poverty, an oppressive…show more content…
The majority of these immigrants reach the shores of Lampedusa by any available means of transport, trying to be hidden from everyone and everything, and often risking to die during the "journey of hope”. I think it would be convenient to accept men and women escaping from poverty, misery, war and persecution, in search of a better future for themselves and their children. People who want to come to Italy to work legally and to get involved in our society, respecting its laws and culture. Italy posses many shelters, however the Italian government do not have the appropriate laws to address this problem. I think that if we work with intelligence and humanity, we will be able to solve this issue, and immigrants will have a better

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