Should Immigrants Be Allowed To Be Immigrants

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Hispanic, Hasiah, Caribbean, Canadian, African, and European, are a few of the many people that help make the American Dream possible. Americans only have use of these people when it comes to cheap labor and to help create the American dream yet who help build the dream are not a factor in this dream. Do you know how it feels to be in immigrant’s shoes? Immigrants should be allowed to remain in the United States because of the past American history, law enforcement (border), family, and the economic impact (taxes). History Since the 1880’s immigrants have had a huge impact on the history of America. Many immigrants came to America to make more money or to live a worry free life. In the beginning of American history ,Africans (immigrants) were the people who impacted our economy for the better .These were the people who force here against their will to plant tobacco, corn, and pick cotton, these were also the things that helped people live their lavish life.Is life back really different from the way it was back then? Many immigrants today work hard and get paid next to nothing. This cycle of receiving and never giving needs to stop.Most immigrants came to America seeking greater economic opportunity, while…show more content…
Also $3.2 million in Montana and that only from 6,000 unauthorized immigrants , and $3.3 billion in California, it probably higher now because the population of immigrants has grown over the last 4 year.So now in 2016 studies from a group called Institute for taxation & economic policy found that immigrant pays more money to live in America which is sad to say because it 's the exact opposite one the issues on why they came here in the first place.Also think about f we were to get rid of every illegal citizen , what type of economic situation would we be in a few
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