Should Immigrants Be Allowed To Stay In America Essay

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American is known as the land of free it’s open to anyone who wants to make an honest and fair living. But unfortunately America has been taken advantage of. America has been taken advantage of by illegal immigrants. These and take resources that should not be available to them, in addition they also live here virtually free since they don’t pay anything. Illegal Immigrants should not be able to stay in America. Due to financial, population and job reasons. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to stay in the United States because the cost of them staying is way too high. Health care costs for illegal immigrants would add billions of dollars to America’s already heavy financial tab. Nobel prize winner and liberal economist Paul Krugman wrote a statement stating "Unfortunately, low-skill immigrants don't pay enough taxes to cover the cost of the benefits they receive.” That means American taxpayers must heavily subsidize the costs of services to newcomers.” What this means is that since immigrants pay little to no tax us American citizens…show more content…
A report was done by the Research Center of Immigration Studies according to the report the RCOI found a correlation between the decline in American youth (16-24 years of age) employment and a significant increase in the amount of immigrant employment over the last decade. This means Illegal immigrants are taking jobs and there are no jobs left for the youth to take. The reason for this is the youth must then take wages lower than the immigrants to get the jobs which is little to none. Since most job immigrants take are unskilled, low end jobs these usually do not require a lot of experience. An example, usually jobs that don’t require a high school education, now guess who is an unskilled and doesn’t not have a high school diploma the youth of America. Immigrants are taking the jobs from the youth because they work for lower wages and are willing to work for longer
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