Should Immigrants Be Allowed To Stay In The United States?

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According to a study released last year by the Pew Hispanic Center, as of 2008, 11.9 million illegal immigrants lived in the United States, more than triple the 3.5 million who lived in the country in 1990 (Izumi). Immigration throughout the years has become a major issue in the U.S because of too many immigrants entering the country year after year. The U.S has come to a point whether they should deport the immigrants back to their country. Believe it or not, these immigrants are a big contribution to the U.S. If it wasn’t for them, the U.S economy wouldn’t be where it stands now. In recent discussions of whether immigrants should be deported, there has been sides where immigration would be good for our country and others disagree. Some believe that immigrants should be allowed to stay in our country, because they believe our economy wouldn’t be good without them and many businesses rely on immigrants working for them. On the other hand, the other side believe that immigrants are overpopulating the U.S and don’t have the money to support all of these immigrants (education/jobs.) Immigrants should be allowed to remain in the country because many families would be separated, they are already accustomed to the American society, and they contribute to the economy. The issue is about immigration in the United States, about how immigrants are coming into the country every year and it seems not to stop. Year after year, it has become a major problem in the U.S, that they ask
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