Should Immigrants Be Treated Unfairly?

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Think of that janitor at your school. That cashier at McDonald’s that is treated rudely by his employees. That lady that sits on the side of the road of the street you go down everyday. They’re all immigrants looking for a better life but didn’t have the money to do so. Some immigrants are treated unfairly and should be given the chance to a better life. Some immigrants don’t have the money to get green cards or basic things everyone needs to become a citizen. We should try to help them financially. People like Ascentra help these people get the things they need. They help them by helping them get jobs, getting health care, learning English and other important things. They are one of the couple of programs that help out our immigrants feel more welcomed and to become citizens. More people should be part of organizations like this to help immigrants get the better life they were looking for.…show more content…
In the speech “Human Family” by Maya Angelou, it states “I note the obvious differences between between each sort and type, but we are more alike, my friends, than we are unlike.” This statement talks about people looking different yet still having similarities. We should not judge people by their color or religion. That is one way immigrants are treated better. Some people may believe that they should be treated wrongly because they “don’t belong here.” Only some of these people should be treated rudely because of the things they do like stealing and selling drugs. I understand if you think of that they should be treated wrongly because of this but not all people are like this. Immigrants are seen as different; therefore, they are treated unfairly. They don’t get a chance financially to get the things they need. Also, they are discriminated by people. We need to take action and help these immigrants have the life they
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