Should Immigrants Come To America Essay

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Others argue that immigrants should stay in the country they came from and not come to america. While on the other side people argue that immigrants should come to america and live how we live. The second argument is the right choice. Immigrants is just like americans and if they struggled in their country, they should have the right to come here. Imagine you as an immigrant who don’t have anything and want a better life. Think about it. Immigration is a big situation in the U.S and in different countries. The United States is really strict about illegal immigration. Different races from other countries try their best to come to America and they do it an illegal way. The minutemen try to keep the immigrants away from crossing the border. If it takes the Minutemen to harm the immigrants, they will do that. One of the reasons why…show more content…
All of these immigrants should have about same life other people have. Not worrying about when your next meal is, bills going up not having a way to pay it, or not having a job. Immigrants need to be treated like a regular person not a animal. Immigrants don’t have a choice of hiding their identity, they have to do it. Another reason is Immigrants is no different than americans. What makes you think that immigrants need to be treated poorly. It is very harsh having to go through people talking about immigrants saying they need to go back where they came from. Imagine americans struggling like immigrants do. People wouldn’t like it. They would be doing the same thing immigrants are doing till this day. Immigrants should be able to have a better life just as anybody else does. The other people say that immigrants should stay. Let’s see how they feel when all who hear everyday is screaming and gunfire. Let’s see how they feel when they can’t find anything to eat. Let’s see if they find how hard it is to get shelter for your home. People wouldn’t like it won’t
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