Should Immigrants Have A Pathway To Citizenship Essay

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Immigrants should have a pathway to citizenship. The immigrants should have a pathway to citizenship because they would be able to count on the system. The immigration legal path costs money and it 's time consuming. It brings freedom and self-sufficiency. Adding on to, can bring people that are criminal immigrants to the United States and then we would have a serious problem, but it would also be good because doing this it would give them a chance to use the system. By them making pathways to citizenship they can count on the system now. According to the article," Illegal immigrants are in effect of all fugitive from the law. They all face the possibility of deportation of not only themselves, but their families. Thus, they can 't go to…show more content…
Immigrants come to the U.S. to have freedom and self- sufficiency. According to the article, “ Most people born in the United States don 't appreciate the gifts we’ve been given by being born in the U.S.” The immigrants that come to the United States to have things that they wouldn 't have so they appreciate it more. According to the article, “We have a wide array of educational choices; we have freedom of religion, freedom to say what we want, the ability to vote, a free pass to keep our political leaders in line.” What they are trying to explain to us is we have more rights than anybody in other countries and sometimes we take that for granted because other immigrants would of used the freedom that they would of had gratefully. On the other hand, it does reward people for breaking the law. According to the article, “ While it 's true that that we are a “nation of immigrants”, America was founded and grew to be a great country.” So yes it does reward the people, but it does help the other people making a living of themselves. In Conclusion, they should give path ways to immigrants because they help them do what they need and they take advantage of it more than U.S. citizens do. It costs less for them too because they come from some of these countries coming from nothing to having a full blown career and different
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