Should Inmates Have Privileges

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Do inmates have rights? Should inmates have privileges? Consistent with Catholic Social Justice Teaching I believe inmates should have rights, that does not mean they should have privileges. A privilege is a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people. Prisoners should have basic human rights as discussed in the Catholic Social Justice Teachings. Some of the rights are pre-trial detainees have the right to be housed in humane facilities. With that, pre-trial detainees can’t be "punished" or treated as guilty while they await trial (Rights). Another right they should have, Inmates have the right to be free, under the Eighth Amendment, from inhuman conditions because those conditions constitute "cruel and unusual" punishment (Rights). All of the rights collaborate with the seven principles of Catholic Social Justice Teaching.
Life and dignity of the human person is the first principle. Our definition for the first principle is, “the life and dignity of the human person is described as, each person is made in the image of God, valuable and sacred-we are all equal in God’s sight (Usccb).” The life of a prison inmate is just as important as any other life on our planet. A right that is very important to
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The fifth principle is defined as, “all workers have a right to productive work, decent wages, safe working conditions and the right to organize and join unions (Usccb).” The rights of workers have to be protected. “Inmates have the right to complain about prison conditions and voice their concerns about the treatment they receive. They also have a right of access to the courts to air these complaints (Rights).” Inmates in prison have the opportunity to work and make some money for themselves. These jobs are like any other jobs out of prison. The employees’ rights should be respected, just as their
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