Should Intelligent Design Be Taught In Schools Essay

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Science and religion have always collided with one another because they represent completely opposite notion 's. Science is facts about the world based off of observations and experiments. Religion is believing in a higher power that is in control, such as God or Buddha. The relationship between the two sides have debated against each other for an extensive amount of time. Science believes that nature is in control, whereas Religion believes that a particular God or higher power is in control. This issue came to light in October of 2004 in a town called Dover, Pennsylvania. A controversial issue determining whether or not a new form of science should be taught in their schools referred to as Intelligent Design came to discussion from a member of the school board. For some, Intelligent Design was “religion in disguise” and it contradicted Darwin’s theory of Evolution. This dilemma tore the community into two different sides, some believing that teaching Intelligent design was contradicting science itself and others were “offended by the idea that humans and apes are related.” Once this…show more content…
Dover is one of many science vs. religion confrontations to take place, and not the last. Many people believe that Intelligent Design is a valid science theory, and that one day it will make its way into the classrooms. Others, however, still believe that Intelligent Design is a joke for science and just a way to bring religion into the schools. Although it is not likely that the two sides will find a neutral area to agree on. Religion and science will always play a big role in contradiction of each other. At one point in time, Darwin’s theory of evolution was not allowed to be taught in school and today it is the main theory of progression. With that being said, Intelligent Design could someday be another theory being taught right beside Evolution in classrooms all across the United States. As of now, science and religion is one of today’s most questionable
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