Should Jimmy Valentine Stay Free

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First of all,I 'm going to tell you who Jimmy Valentine is. He is a guy that cracks safes. He was put in jail for four years, but only served four months. Then he decided to move out of town. When he moved he saw a pretty girl that he liked and decided to give up his job and get a different job and he was going to get married. After the wedding he saved a little girl 's life. So what do you think, should he still serve time in jail. If you say no, I 'm with you. He should stay free in my opinion. The first reason Jimmy Valentine should stay free is because he stopped robbing. He wrote a letter to his old friend and told his friend to meet him in the city. Jimmy wanted to give his friend Ben his tools because he decided to…show more content…
He used his tools that he was giving away and he opened the bank 's safe. Annabel Adams niece locked herself in the safe. If she says in there too long she would die because there is hardly any air in there. She would not be able to breathe and she would suffocate. “ My baby!” her mother cried. “ She will die of fear! Open the door! Break it open! Can 't you men do something?” Other people say he should be arrested. I agree in one way. He should go to jail for the times he did do the crimes he did. He should serve his sentence that he didn 't finish. He was supposed to serve four years in prison, but he only served four months. But I still think he should stay free. All the good things he did along with stopping with the safe braking. All that stuff pays back for what he did to get out of prison. So I still think Jimmy should stay free. Jimmy Valentine should stay free for the reasons that I just told you. He did all he could to put his past life behind him. He wanted to live a true and honest life and give up robbing. He didn 't want to hide his identity anymore. He just wanted to put his past behind him and forget about it. He was getting married and he had to give up his job in order to make a man
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