Essay On Junk Food In Schools

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Should Junk Food Be Sold in Schools?

Is selling junk food to students in school really a good idea? As you’re probably aware, most schools sell junk food to students at some point in time, rather it’s through a snack line, a vending machine, or a school fundraiser. Schools sell such foods to children every day. Although junk food may be a good way to increase school income, schools should avoid selling it to students because it’s unhealthy, linked to childhood obesity, and unnecessary sugars can cause hyperactivity. Junk food is very unhealthy and can cause health issues. An article posted by the American Heart Association states that “A diet high in saturated and trans fats raises blood cholesterol — a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Too much sodium can raise your blood pressure and too much fat and sugar can lead to
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An explanation of a study conducted by Dr. Tamborlane states that “sugar is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, blood sugar rises quickly, which can lead to higher adrenaline levels and thus symptoms similar to those associated with hyperactivity.” Given the stated facts, sugar isn’t really a good thing to be consuming too much of during school hours, being that you have to be in quiet, structured environments, such as classrooms. With energetic kids in a classroom, it can brew up issues related to focus and their ability to be respectful. It is true that extra energy in a classroom has the chance to increase productivity and be beneficial for certain activities. Some activities within the classroom may not always go as well with tired and slacking children. Though more than often, children tend to become out of hand when they are under the influence of sugars and random bursts of energy. Children naturally will begin to lose their ability to sit still, thus ending in things like noise making, playing with materials, and getting up from their seats more than they need
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