Juvenile Justice Argumentative Essay

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“2,805, the number of children arrested each day in the U.S. That is one every 31 seconds” (cfyj.org). When it comes to the right to vote, purchasing tobacco products, and purchasing a home; these are some of the privileges one gains when turning a certain age. The most important life moral one should be held accountable for, is the responsibility for ones actions. When one turns eighteen, he/she is considered an adult according to the United States, and one feels on top of the world. That is until one commits a crime and comes to the realization that one will no longer be considered a juvenile, and no longer can be tried and sentenced within the Juvenile Justice system. There are many debates and questions concerning the issue of should juveniles…show more content…
There are many concerns that surround sending youth to adult court for committing violent crimes, with the argument that these juveniles are not fully in control of their actions. The sympathetic approach towards maturity and situations, has been the juvenile justice systems only approach to juvenile crimes. Time and time again juvenile courts continue to push the idea of rehabilitation through the use of counseling and in some cases detention homes, hoping that the resources given to these youth give them enough more support within the system rather than punishment. Despite ones home situation and upbringing, juveniles should be held accountable to determine the difference between right and…show more content…
The main purpose of juvenile homes is to give juveniles an easy more gentle punishment and psychological treatment rather than going to a detention center or adult prison. Compared to prison sentences, juvenile homes have the sense of much shorter and lighter sentences. In the united states, “54,000 juvenile offenders are held in residential placement” (cfyj.org). When a juvenile is arrested, they are held in a detention centers or a residential facility while waiting their hearing in the juvenile justice system or the adult court system, depending on the

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