Should Juveniles Be Given Life Without Parole Essay

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Should Juveniles Be Given Life Without Parole? In 1989 juvenile Joe Harris Sullivan and several older juveniles burglarized an elderly woman’s home in Pensacola. Prosecutors state that after the burglary he went back and sexualy assaulted the old woman and left her severely injured (Brown). This statement leads you to ask the question, should juveniles be given life without parole? The answer is yes, for the following reasons: murder,multiple time offender, and rape. Murder Murder is one of the biggest reasons why adults serve life sentences. So why not juveniles? There are many reasons why a juvenile commits murder: Mentally unstable, have been repeatedly molested/abused by a parent figure,and does not know how to handle society. The case of Ms.Falcon shows how some…show more content…
If a person is a multiple time offender they obviously have not learned their lesson and are unfit for the rest of society. Addolfo Davis began his spree of crime starting at the age of eight years old. By the age of ten Davis had graduated to armed robbery. When he was barely fourteen, Davis took part in a crime that the courts found so evil that he was sentenced to life without parole (Trymaine). Davis was the creation of a broken family. His mother was an avid drug user. His grandmother tried to fill that role, but being consumed of the responsibilities of work,a disabled husband, and her mentally handicapped son she had no time. Addolfo began robbing people to get money for necessities like food. Davis soon fell into a gang that gave him more attention than he could ever ask for. In a 2008 interview when he said,”Getting locked up offers me three meals a day and a roof over my head.” Davis has been i prison for a quarter of a century, he is now 37. You could say that if he was locked earlier he wouldn't have to suffer as much as had trying to survive on his

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