Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults

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In 1999, a kid of the name Miriam was charged as an adult for fatally stabbing 55 year old Rosemarie Knight. Kids can do some pretty stupid things especially teenagers, but how often do these stupid things become illegal and what can we do to stop it? Kids of the ages ten through seventeen have shown to be doing more and more illegal acts over the years and it will only get worse if their is no change in our juvenile crime laws. These juveniles are a threat to the public and if our government keeps babying them as if they are just clueless kids who don’t know any better then frankly, more people will become injured from these delusional and mentally unstable children. Juveniles from the age of ten and seventeen should be tried and punished as adults. Although the thought of children committing violent adult crimes seems to be a crazy and …show more content…

In fact, these juveniles commit these type of violent adult crimes more and more every year. According to a government statistics update in 1965, “The number of 12-year-olds arrested for violent crimes has doubled and the number of 13- and 14-year-olds has tripled…” These juveniles are becoming more populous every year and because of that many people are put in dangerous situations because these juveniles have proved to be capable of breaking the law to any extent. This includes murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. If these juveniles are okay with performing these horrible acts against the law then why should we not treat them like any other adult who does the same. These juveniles willing to murder someone are not scared of the laws put in place for juvenile delinquents

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