Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults

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In this essay, I will be arguing that juveniles should be tried as adults in cases like murder. I believe juveniles should be tried as an adult because as human beings, we are in a state of mind, even if we are not fully developed, the victim's family will be in total grief and if they aren’t tried as an adult they will not understand the full consequence and will perform more crime and if they are tried as an adult will better themselves in prison. Juveniles should be tried as an adult because they are in a state of mind, meaning they know right from wrong even if they’re not fully developed age wise. Thompson states, “Even though normal teens are experiencing a wildfire of tissue loss in their brain, that does not remove the accountability”.…show more content…
Alex King killed his father at the age of 13, he got only 7 years in prison. Once he was out, he got into a car accident and ran from authority going back into the system. This is just one incident, now moving onto Nathaniel Abraham, who killed a 17 year old when he was just 11 years old got only 10 years in a juvenile facility. Abraham was not tried as an adult, got out was charged with not only drug possession, but also charged for assaulting 2 guards facing more time in prison. Therefore, not trying juveniles as adults will or possibly can lead them to committing other minor or major crimes. Two juveniles who have been tried as an adult would be Nathaniel Brazill who killed his teacher at the age of 13. Brazill got his GED and his law & paralegal certifications in jail. Similarly, Greg Ousley who killed his parents at the age of 14 is serving 60 years behind bars. According to Anderson, he is a model inmate, he is trustworthy behaving himself in prison and getting his education behind bars; got his bachelor's degree in liberal arts. This shows if a juvenile gets tried as an adult they have more time to think about what they have done and will work hard to get out and better themselves. If they do not get tried as an adult they would not have enough time to realize what they've done, so once they get out they won’t exactly learn their
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