Analysis: Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults

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Should Juveniles be tried as adults just because they commit a crime? It depends what type of crime it is and what age is the juvenile. If juveniles are sentenced as adults they have to check on how bad the crime was and also what age they 're Ages 5-10 shouldnt be tried as adults because they dont know what they are doing. In another hand, kids ages 11 and up should already know whats good and bad, so that mean that they should be tried as adults, but it depends on how bad was the crime that they did. In the article " Teen charge as adullt in stabbing Rampage at Penn. High School" by Tracy Bloom, she states that a 16 years old who should be charged as an adult. Alex Hribal knew exactly what he was gonna do to those people at his school. Alex stabbed 21 people including an officer. He should be sentenced as an adult because he is 16 years old and he knew what he was gonna do to those people and how he was gonna do it too. He should of thought twice before doing the crime because what he did doesnt have an explanition, he just stabbed…show more content…
In the article " Boy, 13, charged 'wrestling ' death of girl,5" by Kennedy ryan, he states that the 13 year old boy killed his half-sister. The boy should know whats good and bad but in this case it wasnt his fauly. Because he thought he was just playing with the 5 year old girl. The victimed moms just left the boy to babysit his half-sister but instead she should of took them with her to the store, if thats where she was going. The boy didnt want to kill the girl but to him it was a wrestling game but he didnt know that by playing like that he was gonna killed the 5 year old girl(Half-sister). The 8 year old boy shouldnt be tried as an adult because no parent so ever should let a minor babysit when they already no the conquences with the law. In this case its the moms fault because she knew better what would happen and the boy should be tried as a
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