Should Kids Be Allowed To Play Football?

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Thesis Statement Kids are literally just dying to play football. This project is intended to dissect the reason why children playing football can sustain a traumatic brain injury. Youth football can cause traumatic brain injuries. This exposes why football is damaging to kids. Methodology The first step I took toward researching my project was, choosing a topic. Scholarly articles were evaluated to obtain information on this topic. While writing on this topic reasons why kids sustain brain injuries while playing football were exposed. Findings indicated that youth football can cause traumatic brain injuries. Should Kids Be Allowed To Play Football? Kids are just dying to play football; however, playing football can be harmful to kids in many ways. For example, football is such a physical sport it can be very easy to become injured while playing the sport. Many kids suffer concussions while indulging in this activity. This particular type of injury can slow brain development in a young child. Many more safety precautions in football are constantly implemented to ensure the safety of children across the nation. Youth football players sustain concussions in practice…show more content…
Many retired professional football players over the age of forty have suffered from severe mental injuries due to play in the NFL, and have committed suicide due to their injury. A test was administered to many retired football players. Out of the players administered ones who played before the age of 12 had more severe mental illnesses than ones who played later in life (Perry). While some of mental problems in these players come from old age; however, most are a result of playing football. Many of these former players have chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). These players are know suffering in their lives after football. Some even blame their playing of the sport for their
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