Should Kids Get A Trophy Essay

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Should Kids Get A Trophy For Showing Up? Imagine being seven years old standing in the middle of a soccer field, awaiting a trophy for participating, and not getting one. It turns out, no one gets a trophy for participating. Is this upsetting or understandable? It should be understandable. Getting an award for being the fastest or the best goalie is far better than getting one for just participating. Kids should not get a trophy for just showing up. In recent times, children have become snooty and believe that they’ll get a trophy no matter what. This is because some coaches and parents nowadays think it’s the right thing to do so none of the kids have their feelings hurt. “Her daughter rarely showed up for her soccer team. She had a terrible attitude, at the end she got a giant trophy and would have been devastated had she not.” (Turner 2) Children don’t know what working diligently is if they just expect a trophy at the end of it. When knowing that they’re going to get a trophy no matter what, kids tend to lay back and not try as hard. “A child shouldn’t have to be the best player on the field to get a trophy, but it should reward something, like improvement or team spirit.” (Turner 2)…show more content…
The child is taught to always try and push himself or herself past their limits. “Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison is no exception. He recently took to Instagram to air his dislike, arguing that his sons, six and eight, need to learn that everything in life should be earned and that effort alone is not a cause for recognition.” (Hefferman 5) Harrison believes there is no use in participation trophies. Not getting a trophy or award teaches a kid to work harder or do better next time as well as teaching a kid to face reality. Trophies aren’t handed out on a silver platter nothing ever
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