Should Kids Get Paid To Do Chores Essay

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Over 79% of kids who get paid to do chores, spend money on food and games. Many parents struggle with bills and still children ask for money to do chores. Question is should kids really get paid to do chores? No, kids should not get paid, our parents don't even get paid to do their chores.There are many ways you can earn money but chores have to be done it’s apart of life.

Parents pay for the house, your clothes, and your medical insurance and they rarely have money to give their mom or dad and children asking for money to do simple task is sad. They should not give kids money just to clean the house when they can be earning money by raking leaves from neighbors houses or babysitting. Also they should not get paid to do chores because once you pay them, they may lack on doing chores. It also sends the wrong message “they will think that money is a reward for every good deed that they do in life”.
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If you get paid to do your chores that money that you earned could have gone to bills and food that gets put on the table or school supplies. They will also learn in life to work as a team with their family and help around without getting paid. Besides when they get older they will think that they will get paid for doing a simple task.They have to learn how to save money, but in their own way like a lemonade stand.

”Sometimes we do jobs not for a reward, but because we simply have to do them”. Just remember our parents do way more things than you and don't get paid. They will eventually stop doing chores when they have enough money to spend on things they don't really need. Also if you owe them money they will probably make a list of how much you owe them and be asking every time for their money and will eventually stop doing chores until they get their
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