Should Kids Get Seen As Adults Essay

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All kids have different ways of proving they are mature enough to be treated as adults, but when should kids truly get seen as an adult? All kids are different when it comes to maturing or growing up, some kids still throw tantrums at the age of 16 while other kids are doing neighborhood work to raise a little money at the age of 10. Each and every kid matures at a different age, so when do they get seen as adults? Kids should get seen as adults when they act like one, when they realize that not everything will be handed to them and that they need to work for it or earn it, that responsibilities come first and not all the time do they get to have fun, do what they want, or get what they want.
Kids have different ways of proving that they are mature or responsible to their parents. Kids will start doing chores daily without being asked to, they will start putting school before friends, they will go out and try to get their own money so that they can get the things they want without having to
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Kids aren’t ready to be treated like adults or teens just aren’t at the right age to be doing or getting some of these things. This can be true at times but that’s why they need to prove that they are ready to be mature, they will show with actions that they are better than they used to be and that they can be trusted. Kids and teens have no way to prove that they deserve to be treated like adults or they don’t try hard enough to be seen this way. Kids and teens will try to prove that they deserve to be seen this way by proving that they can handle their responsibilities and other things and they do try hard and if they aren’t then maybe they haven’t matured. Kids and teens shouldn’t be treated by age but by maturity
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