Should Lgbtq Couples Be Able To Adoption?

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Imagine a child living in foster care waiting for months, maybe even years, for a couple to come and adopt them and make them a part of their family. Then, finally after a long time of heartbreak and loneliness, a family does come. These two people have everything that any parent should in order to adopt such as: money, a stable job, no criminal record, plans for the future, domestic peace, and all the love a parent could give a child. Yet, at the end of this day, they are turned down and the child is at a loss of the opportunity of having a good, loving family. Why? Because the couple that wanted to adopt were two gay men. Does that seem fair?
Lgbtq couples should be able to adopt because, they can provide love and care, not letting them adopt
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What this argument does not take into account is that Many Girls look to hold the typical title of the beloved & adorable “Daddy 's little girl”. To a girl her father is the biggest part regarding male behavior. Studies show that adolescent girls who grow up without their dads, have a greater proximity and distance problems to peers and boys which could interfere with relationships later on in their lives which could unintentionally have them become teen moms. Lesbians more than likely do not have a close male adult in their lives so if they were to adopt a boy then the child would not have a male role model in their lives which could have them act out in life and become criminals or they will be more feminine.

Ultimately, the legalization of gay adoption everywhere would greatly benefit our society. A loving home that an orphaned child can call home is a blessing to not only the but to the parents as well. It would lessen the amount of juvenile delinquents and increase the amount of doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, etc. Anyone who has the ability to provide a loving and caring environment and wants a child should have the right to become a parent and not be denied the right because of who they

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