Are Libraries Too Old For The Year Essay

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Are libraries too old for the upcoming years, or is it something that is well needed? Libraries help students find peace in themselves through reading about different cultures and reading fantasy novels or horror books. It helps people gain a sort of happiness when nothing else can offer it. It can also offer lots of opportunity, like the staff helping students learn and do homework, new knowledge learned from reading books both fiction and non-fiction, and a place for studies that can help students become better students and people not just better learners. The library is full of educational and life lasting opportunities that would be taken away if they are forgotten. It should not come to anyones attention that libraries do not help the community when they do a substantial amount. Libraries will always be…show more content…
Those people most in need are precisely those without an ebook or the internet e.g. unemployed, those on low incomes, senior citizen. Libraries offer online and access for all, often free. The United Nations has declared that internet access is a human right – public libraries uphold that right. In addition, using the internet means one can take advantage of special offers (e.g. comparison websites) meaning that by not allowing libraries and thus free internet access, the poor are being forced to pay more while the wealthier can pay less.” Why take away access for those really in need when you can leave all libraries alone for people to use ? Libraries are essential to everyone, and they can change anyone 's life in an instant,”especially for those marginalized, disenfranchised, alone, or simply open a world of stories and imagination to readers young and
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