Should Lolita Be Taught In Schools

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I believe the book, Lolita, by Vladimir Nabakov should be taught in schools because, although controversial, it is important English literature. Lolita is about a love affair between a middle-aged man named Humbert Humbert and his 12-year old step-daughter, Dolores Haze, known as, “Lolita.” Humbert was portrayed as a pedophile and child predator in Lolita. He started his obsession with young girls because of his first love, Annabel, who died of Typhus at 14. Humbert says her death, “froze something in him,” and he started becoming infatuated with little girls that reminded him of his first love. He referred to these girls as, “Nymphets.” He begins sexually abusing his “Nymphets,” taking a piece of their innocence and childhood. He was a serial pedophile that rarely felt remorse for the girls that he abused. I believe Lolita should be taught in schools to mature seniors, or early college students. This book is not meant to endorse…show more content…
He portrays Humbert as a persuasive narrator, and a sympathetic pedophile. He can convince readers that he is a victim and to understand his perspective. His complicated choice of words distract the readers from the horrors he describes. This is meant to show the cunning and manipulative man Humbert is. He thinks like a pedophile and uses his words to convince naive and trusting young girls that what he is doing to them isn’t wrong. Many pedophiles are skilled in the art of manipulation. This could be controversial to many readers, but it is important to understand the mind of a pedophile. Nabakov does not support or approve of pedophilia. The meaning of Lolita is so often misunderstood by readers. Lolita is classic American literature and should not be shielded from scholars. Nabakov wants readers to grasp both perspectives in a case where sympathy and understanding is not usually felt for the

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