Should Low Income Families Receive EBT?

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We think there is an alternative that can help cuts to public schools and maintaining tax rates on wealthier individuals. We should spend the tax money on more important matters than giving out free health care, housing, and EBT. Those low income families should not be getting free healthcare but instead paying a small amount. These families would be entitled to healthcare if they qualify for free medical or insurance accountabilities but only if they qualify. Those low income families do have jobs, even a part time job today may benefit us by medical insurance and even the full time workers may have enough to support their whole families. So why should they be receiving free health care and housing when they can pay for most of their personal…show more content…
Low income families should not be receiving EBT because there are people who are in worse situations than them who deserve the EBT but cannot receive them while they haves jobs which at least give them money to support their family. If people do receive EBT then they would be abusing the system and reforms need to be made and we intend to regulate the increase on the wealthy and the way it would be decided is by searching their background in government help and decided whether they need it or not and it will go on by then. Those that need EBT are not allowed to receive them while, those that do not need them get to have it and benefit from them as shown in the EBT graphs. There are families out there who continue to have children knowing they do not have enough money to support their family but rely on the government thinking they are willing to help them out. Although, these families would take full advantage of EBT and housing when all they should do is stop having more children until they can support themselves without having anyone assist them or government provided aid. It is not fair to have those who work so hard to have possession on what they work hard to do so that soon having to wait on the time to pay for the large amount of currency they must pay for being on the higher income
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