Should Marching Band Be Considered A Sport Essay

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Is marching band rigorous and athletic enough to be considered a sport? From the very start of marching band, it has been considered an activity, or a hobby, and not a sport. Most people assume it isn’t athletic because it’s just an activity or a type of hobby that you do, and they don’t consider it athletic because they think you don’t need to put that much effort into it. The people who assume there isn’t much effort put into it also believe that marching band is really easy. I have marched with the Pride of the Hill band since my Freshman year, and experienced some marching in eighth grade, and it isn’t as easy as it seems. I remember watching my siblings march when they were in high school and I was still in primary and intermediate, and I used to think that it looked easy and that it wasn’t really a sport or anything. But after experiencing it myself I realized the amount of work you put into it, the teamwork needed to accomplish things, and the competitions where you hope that all of the hard work, from band camp in the summer, the early morning practices during the week, and the Thursday night rehearsals during the…show more content…
In the first paragraph of this source, Martinez talks about how “When the topic of marching band is brought up, many students assume how "easy" it is to go out on a field and play several songs that have to be memorized to near perfection. If marching band is not considered a sport, then ask yourself this: can you march 12 plus miles, while staying aligned with your rank and file (rows and columns)?” In all honesty, it really is not that easy to march while play songs that you need to have memorized within a couple weeks. It is difficult to focus on so many things at once. You are supposed to make sure you are playing the right notes, play and march in time and in step, keeping your legs straight, roll stepping, and keeping your posture straight and
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