Should Middle School Students Be Taught About The Holocaust Essay

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Should middle school students be taught about the Holocaust? Some teachers and parents are afraid of letting students learn about the Holocaust because of the gruesome events that took place and the potential of offending other students religion. All students should get to know about what happened in the Holocaust and how it affects us present day, so that we don’t have to repeat their actions. Students need to learn the tragedy of the Holocaust. The holocaust was a period of time when Adolf Hitler took control over almost all of Europe. While doing so, he enslaved all jewish citizens and were forced into concentration camps. They didn’t know that they were being lead to their worst nightmare. Students should know what happened to the people who had to suffer. They should know who Hitler was and how the Holocaust was one of the biggest separation acts ever acted upon. Students should know how the Holocaustthat event affected present…show more content…
They also might offend students of the Jewish religion. Some schools have stopped teaching the Holocaust because it’s either not necessary, too graphic for young students, or the potential of offending a student 's religion. Teachers don’t want to go through having to teach such a gruesome topic to students. They also don’t want to accidentally say something that might offend someone who is Jewish because this topic is very heavy on religious segregation. This is important because students shouldn’t have to listen to such graphic topics being taught in school. They should be protected from these violent topics; especially in a school environment. Although it is a very arguable topic to discuss in the classroom, students should still know the deep history of the Holocaust. Students should know why WWII happened, who caused it, and what happened during the Holocaust. “It is a big part of history that just can’t be ignored and it will never go

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